Welcome to the Pancreatic Expression Database Version 3.0

Examples: ANXA1, hsa-miR-187, ENSG00000182718, ENSP00000387545, IGKC_HUMAN
Available format: HGNC, miRBase accession, Ensembl gene/transcript/protein, SwissProt accession
In our continuous effort to increase the functionality of Pancreatic Expression Database (PED), we have substantially changed and improved this resource by expanding the -omics, selections, specimens and annotation data types. [Read more ...]

The Pancreatic Expression database is a major component of the EU project MolDiag-Paca, whose mission is to bring together leading groups in European pancreatic cancer research from academia and industry to develop novel molecular diagnostic tools for the prevention and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

The database is created by the Centre for Molecular Oncology within the Barts Cancer Institute in collaboration with the Molecular GI-Oncology group at the University of Bochum (Germany) using the Biomart project.

Our database is designed to address various cancer research problems, ranging from the specimen origin and type, through cancer development stage to expression patterns. Scientists are able to refine the biological data query according to various criteria, including cancer tissue and type, a wide range of sequence types, SNP selection for candidate gene screening and disease links, as well as cross-species analyses. The data model is generic so that it can be extended to other types of cancer and the system can be re-used by other research groups. By bringing complex data together, it makes it possible for scientists to query and explore the data and find new relationships among the factors that contribute to the complex pathogenesis of cancer. The database is available online with no restrictions for the scientific community.

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